What is Web Analytics and its Role in Digital Marketing

Web Analytics – Best of Breed Offering

Web Analytics is rapidly becoming a “must-have” tool for understanding website visitor behaviour. SEO Agencies now offer our UK clients a fully managed web analytics service.

To enhance the effectiveness of our SEO services, UK businesses can now benefit from regular and detailed web analytics reports so that we can help you to improve the usability and thus the success of your site.

What is Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is simply detailed statistics about the precise behavior of visitors to your website.

Analytics can offer intuitive, insightful analysis of your website’s usage. They show you campaigns, site navigation patterns, Pay Per Click, SEO, and ROI stats instantly. And they can make a massive difference in fine-tuning your website and its ability to stop losing visitors before they have done what you want them to do on your site.

SEO Agencies is proud to be able to provide these services offering Advanced Web Analytics. UK clients can now benefit massively from a thorough understanding of the behavior of website visitors – and the ability to modify this behavior to ensure a significant increase in conversions from your website.

Invaluable information on website usage – like never before!

You’d be amazed at the detail – we can tell you exactly which search terms your visitors used to arrive at your site, which pages, links, or graphics they clicked on, where they entered the site, where they left the site, how long they spent on each page, and so on.

We can even monitor e-business transactions and online sales and show your conversion rates, cost per visitor acquisition or costs per sale, and much more.

Web Analytics, an integral part of technical SEO offerings, makes it easy for you or your marketing department to perform desktop data-mining activities that are difficult or impossible to implement using traditional web analysis methods.

Solid Business Case for Web Analytics

There’s a proven, real business case for web analytics – even your Finance Director or Accountant can get excited about this one – in that we can even tell you your cost per acquisition, cost per sale, and profit on each item sold.

We can offer this as a fully managed service or provide you with a system to use internally.

Whether you need a log file analyzer or hosted software, we have a solution that’s sure to fit your budget…and your brain.