10 PR Coverage Tools: A Comprehensive List and Guide

A PR coverage tool is a software application designed to assist public relations professionals in monitoring and managing media coverage for their clients or organizations. These tools offer several functionalities, such as identifying and tracking brand or client mentions in the media, analyzing media coverage sentiment, and measuring PR efforts’ reach and impact. Additionally, they enable users to generate reports and presentations for clients and stakeholders.

When selecting a PR coverage tool, it’s crucial to consider specific needs and budget constraints. Factors to weigh include the types of media coverage to track, the level of detail required in reports, the tool’s user-friendliness, and its cost.

PR coverage tools serve as valuable assets for PR professionals. They enable tracking the effectiveness of PR efforts, spotting new opportunities, and measuring overall impact. Beyond these advantages, there are other benefits to using PR coverage tools:

  1. Time and effort savings: PR coverage tools automate various tracking tasks, allowing professionals to allocate more time to other essential aspects of their work.
  2. Improved accuracy: These tools ensure comprehensive coverage of media mentions and precise tracking of associated sentiment.
  3. Enhanced visibility: PR coverage tools facilitate sharing media coverage with clients, stakeholders, and the public, boosting brand or organizational visibility and awareness.

In public relations, tools are typically designed to assist Digital PR professionals in managing their media relations efforts, monitoring media coverage, tracking press mentions, and measuring the success of PR campaigns. These tools may offer features like media monitoring, sentiment analysis, social media monitoring, analytics, and reporting.

List of  PR Coverage Tools

List of  PR coverage tools that you can use to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your public relations efforts:

  1. Google Alerts: Google Alerts is a valuable free tool that enables PR professionals to set up automatic alerts for specific keywords related to their brand, competitors, or industry. The tool sends daily or real-time email notifications whenever these keywords are mentioned in news articles, blog posts, and social media. Using Google Alerts, PR practitioners can stay updated on the latest mentions and discussions about their brand or relevant topics, allowing them to respond promptly and engage with their audience effectively.
  2. Mention: Similar to Google Alerts, Mention monitors online mentions across various channels, including news outlets, blogs, social media platforms, and forums. In addition to monitoring, Mention also offers analytics and reporting features that allow users to track their brand’s performance over time. PR professionals can gain valuable insights into sentiment trends, audience engagement, and overall brand visibility, empowering them to fine-tune their PR strategies for better results.
  3. Hootsuite Insights: Hootsuite Insights offers a comprehensive dashboard enabling PR professionals to track brand mentions, sentiment analysis, and trends across social media platforms. The tool provides data on engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and followers, helping PR teams gauge the impact and effectiveness of their social media campaigns. Hootsuite Insights streamlines social media monitoring and reporting, saving time and effort for PR professionals.
  4. Brandwatch: Powered by AI technology, Brandwatch is a sophisticated PR coverage tool that analyzes consumer opinions and sentiments toward brands from various sources, including social media, news articles, blogs, and forums. The platform provides detailed insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and concerns, allowing PR professionals to identify emerging trends, potential issues, and opportunities. Brandwatch’s data-driven approach allows for data-backed decision-making and proactive reputation management.
  5. Cision: Cision offers a comprehensive suite of PR software solutions, making it a versatile tool for PR professionals. Its media monitoring feature tracks print, online, and broadcast media coverage, providing real-time updates and analytics reports. Additionally, Cision provides influencer identification and press release distribution services, streamlining the PR workflow and enhancing media outreach efforts.
  6. Agility: Agility is an all-in-one platform that assists PR professionals in managing their campaigns effectively. Alongside media monitoring, the tool offers features like influencer relationship management and content creation. Its media monitoring tool tracks mentions across traditional and social media channels, providing sentiment analysis and customizable reports. This integrated approach helps PR teams streamline activities and maintain a consistent brand image across various channels.
  7. AirPR: Focused on measuring the impact of PR efforts, AirPR tracks website traffic, social media engagement, and lead generation. By real-time monitoring of brand mentions and sentiment analysis across various media channels, AirPR helps PR professionals gauge the success of their campaigns and assess their ROI. The tool’s data-driven insights allow PR teams to optimize strategies and allocate resources efficiently.
  8. TrendKite: TrendKite offers a range of PR software solutions, including media monitoring, influencer discovery, and press release distribution. Its media monitoring feature tracks brand mentions across TV, radio, print, and digital media, providing real-time updates and sentiment analysis. TrendKite’s comprehensive approach to media monitoring allows PR professionals to stay informed about their brand’s coverage across diverse media channels.
  9. Onalytica: Leveraging AI algorithms, Onalytica identifies key influencers in a particular niche and monitors their conversations across multiple social media platforms. This influencer tracking capability enables PR professionals to build strategic partnerships, engage with influential voices, and amplify their brand’s reach. The sentiment analysis and topic modelling provided by Onalytica also help PR teams understand consumer interests and concerns more deeply.
  10. Prowly: Prowly offers a range of PR software solutions, including media monitoring, press release distribution, and journalist database management. Its media monitoring feature tracks brand mentions across traditional and social media channels, providing real-time updates and sentiment analysis. Prowly’s comprehensive PR toolkit equips professionals with the resources to manage media relations efficiently and maintain effective communication with journalists and stakeholders.

By leveraging these PR coverage tools, PR professionals can stay ahead in the dynamic media and public relations landscape, make data-driven decisions, and foster strong relationships with their target audience, ultimately achieving their communication and brand goals.

These are just a few examples of PR coverage tools available in the market. When choosing the right tool for your business, consider pricing, functionality, ease of use, and customer support. You can also try Coveragely