Introducing a State-of-the-Art PR Coverage Reporting Tool with Comprehensive Domain Metrics Data

A new PR coverage reporting tool launched featuring all leading domain metrics data

Coveragely is a new PR coverage reporting tool launched to enhance productivity and reduce administrative time for digital PR and SEO professionals. With plans starting at $49 per month and no minimum contract, users can create customizable coverage books accessible on any device. A free two-week trial is available without requiring billing or credit card information.

The tool allows users to visualize and present their PR campaign coverage with domain metrics from multiple sources, including Majestic and Moz. It can also integrate with users’ Ahrefs and SEMrush API accounts for more detailed insights. Additionally, a link monitoring feature helps track acquired links over time.

Generating coverage reports is easy—users input a list of URLs and target domains, then customize the report with logos, desired metrics, and bios. Reports can be shared via custom URLs or exported to PDF, CSV, or Google Docs.

“At Coveragely, we understand the significance of presenting PR coverage data in a comprehensive, user-friendly, and visually appealing manner. That’s why we developed our platform—to empower marketers in effortlessly generating insightful reports without the hassle of data management or spreadsheets. Our mission was to provide a highly visual and intuitive reporting dashboard, allowing clients and stakeholders to clearly perceive the value of their PR and SEO investments.”

“Furthermore, we recognize the importance of measuring PR performance to gauge its relative success. To address this, we integrated the capability to showcase domain metrics from all major SEO data providers. This distinct feature sets Coveragely apart from competitors, solidifying its position as the most insightful PR coverage reporting tool available today.” – Gareth Hoyle, Managing Director at Coveragely:

The objective of Coveragely, which made its debut in 2023, is to simplify PR, marketing, and SEO reporting for businesses of any scale. Through its intuitive platform, Coveragely strives to assist its users in generating visually appealing reports highlighting their campaigns’ achievements.

Innovation and excellence are the company’s hallmarks, as it continually pushes the limits of PR reporting with its imaginative approach and cutting-edge technology. Coveragely’s operations are centred around its clients, committed to surpassing their expectations and cultivating enduring partnerships. You can find the list of top PR coverage tools here