The Basic Factors of a Successful, Scalable Blogger Outreach Campaign

When considering how to tackle a large blogger outreach campaign you need to simplify the process and break it down into short, yet vital stages. This ensures you establish a platform on which to move forward for further success.

With scalable blogger outreach, you should keep three core elements in mind – the content, prospecting and the outreach itself. Get all of these integral components right and you will be networking with a variety of websites in your niche or industry that could benefit your website for months, perhaps years into the future.


Of course, blogger outreach wouldn’t work without creating content. With this form of link building now considered a mainstream tactic, bloggers are becoming savvier regarding the type of content they accept for their websites. With this in mind, you’ll need to ensure your writers are getting the basics right – spelling and grammar are important – though you’ll also want to generate an appeal for both your customers and a wider potential audience.

You’ll want to generate some interesting content that contains relevant information not only for your customers but for visitors to the type of sites that you are going to be targeting. Gone are the days when you can just add a piece of uninformative content with a link back to your own site and expect it to boost your rankings.

Content doesn’t necessarily need to be self-promotional – in fact, you may develop a stronger relationship with a blogger if you provide something interesting and tangible from your industry that is also going to benefit their users. And, it doesn’t necessarily need to be in a word format – videos and image-based information can also achieve the desired effect.


Once you are happy with your content, you’ll need to find somewhere to place it – this is where good marketing knowledge can pay dividends. You’ll ideally want to find a relevant audience for your content, and in SEO link building terms this means looking for other prospective sites which you believe would be beneficial to building a relationship.

There are several outreach tools that can help you with this process, though it’s also beneficial to use Google search. Build a list of sites by searching for keywords that relate to your industry – add invariants such as ‘guest post’ to your search query and use tools such as SEO Moz DA checker if you are looking for sites that achieve certain link statistics such as domain authority and number of external links.


Once you’ve shortlisted the sites you’re interested in appearing on, it’s time to tackle the blogger outreach. There are many different theories on the best way to approach a blogger regarding outreach, though it’s fair to say that every situation will require a different tactic.

Put, contact your link prospects in whatever way you deem appropriate, whether through building a relationship across social media, or going in head-first with a telephone call or email. Whilst emails are considered the most scalable technique, phone calls are good if you want to be more personable and have a guaranteed answer in a quick turnaround time.

Generating a Buzz

Once you’ve successfully secured a guest post on the site you want, why stop there? Generate some buzz about the post through social media – for example; promote it on Google+ and Twitter. Even old-school tactics such as social bookmarking the post will help pass some extra authority to it, which will pass through to your own site.

Guest blogging can be highly successful, yet it’s a very time-consuming SEO tactic. Manual Link Building can run your blogger outreach campaign, including the creation of interesting & relevant content and prospecting and outreach to sites within your niche. We can also boost the performance of your guest posts with various social media, including Google Plus One votes, Twitter retweets, and Facebook likes. For more information, contact us here.