Moz Free API Now Requires Credit Card, Affecting Free SEO Tools

Free domain authority checker tools and other SEO apps may face disruption! Moz updates Free Tier API access, requiring a credit card to maintain functionality. Learn what this means for your SEO workflow and explore alternative solutions.

Popular SEO software company Moz announced changes to their Moz API Free Tier access policy. To maintain the free tier’s availability, users must have a valid, non-expired credit card on file by March 1st, 2024. Failure to do so will result in account deactivation on March 15th, 2024.

What is Moz

Moz, a popular SEO software suite, is making changes to its free tier access. Previously, users could access various SEO tools like domain authority checker and rank checker for free. Now, Moz will require credit card verification for its free tier, impacting users who rely on these free tools for SEO planning and website optimization.

Free Tier Users Required to Add Valid Credit Card by March 1st

Starting March 1st, 2024, all Free Tier accounts on the Moz API platform must have a valid, non-expired credit card on file. According to Moz, this change aims to improve service levels and combat fraud.

How to verify your card

Free Tier users can check their payment information and update their card details by logging in to their Moz API account and visiting the “API Free Tier sign-up page.”

Important Points to Note

  • No Charges for Free Tier Access: It’s crucial to emphasize that your credit card will not be charged for using the Free Tier.
  • Account Deactivation for Non-Compliance: Free Tier accounts without a valid, non-expired credit card on file by March 15th, 2024, will be deactivated.
  • Checking and Updating Payment Information: Users can check their payment method and expiration and update their card details if needed by visiting the API Free Tier sign-up page while logged in to their Moz API account.

Impact on Free SEO Tools and Bulk DA Checkers

This change by Moz will directly impact various free SEO tools and bulk domain authority (DA) checker tools that rely on the Moz API for their functionality. These tools, including link explorer, keyword explorer, and various other Moz Metrics like DA, PA (page authority), Moz rank, and competitive intelligence APIs, may be affected if users don’t comply with the updated policy.

Impact on free SEO tools:

This change will primarily affect users of free tools that rely on the Moz API for functionalities like:

  • Free domain authority checker: Tools that offer free checks of a website’s “domain authority” (DA) score, often utilizing Moz’s DA metric.
  • Check domain authority: Tools that allow users to assess a website’s DA score easily.
  • Domain authority score: Services that provide free domain authority score checks.
  • SEO checker: Tools offering basic technical SEO analysis, often incorporating Moz metrics like DA and PA.
  • Website rank checker: Services that provide free website rank checks, potentially using Moz data.
  • Link Explorer: Tools using Moz’s Link Explorer for free backlink analysis.
  • Keyword Explorer: Free tools utilizing Moz’s Keyword Explorer data.

Moz Metrics:

The update impacts tools utilizing the following Moz Metrics:

  • Domain authority (DA): A score predicting a website’s ranking potential.
  • Page authority (PA): Similar to DA, but for individual web pages.
  • MozRank: Moz’s proprietary link popularity metric.

Moz API:

The change applies primarily to tools using the free tier of the Moz API, including:

  • SEO API: Tools utilizing Moz’s API for basic SEO functionalities.
  • Link building API: Free tools leveraging the Moz API for limited backlink analysis.
  • Domain name API: Tools using the Moz API for free domain name information.
  • Competitive intelligence API: Free tools offering basic competitor insights that potentially use Moz data.
  • Marketing API: Free marketing tools potentially using limited Moz API data.

Alternative Solutions for Free Users

While the Free Tier access update might inconvenience some users, it’s important to remember that free alternatives exist. Several tools offer basic SEO and website analysis functionalities without requiring a credit card. Moz offers a limited free trial of their paid plans, which might suit occasional users.

Moz highlights that this update enhances the quality of their services and prevents fraud, safeguarding the accessibility of their Free Tier API. Users depending on these complimentary tools are advised to confirm their payment details by the deadline to maintain access. It’s advisable for individuals using free SEO tools and bulk domain authority checkers to review their account status and, if needed, update their payment information before the March 1st deadline to ensure continued use of these essential resources.

Latest Update 12 March 2024

A change has been made to your Moz API free plan.

This is a heads-up to Moz API users! The free plan is being adjusted. Currently, users are granted 2,500 free data rows each month. However, this quota will be significantly reduced to 50 monthly rows starting in April.

While the news might be unwelcome for some, Moz assures users that this change is being made to improve the overall experience for all Moz API users. The importance of reliable data is acknowledged, and this adjustment seems to be a step towards ensuring better service for all.