What is Search Generative Engine (SGE) ? A Introduction

The Search Generative Engine (SGE) is an initial step in transforming the Search experience with artificial intelligence. People who use SGE will observe their Search Results page with usual web results, organized in a fresh way to help them get more from one search.

Through SGE, people can:

  • Pose queries that never could have been anticipated
  • Speedily understand the expanse of a subject, with links to related outcomes to explore further
  • Incessantly ask follow-up questions in a conversational manner
  • •And achieve more easily, like creating inventive ideas and drafts in Search.

How Search Generative Engine Works

AI-powered Snapshots

When necessary, SGE will display an AI-powered snapshot to give users a rapid overview, together with important considerations and a helpful synthesis of pertinent insights and data.

Conversational Mode

Conversational mode proves highly valuable in situations involving follow-up questions or intricate, ever-changing information journeys. By harnessing the power of AI, it discerns when an individual is seeking something connected to a prior inquiry. This mode seamlessly retains the context from previous questions, allowing for the reformulation of queries that more accurately capture the intended meaning.

Vertical Experiences

SGE (Search Guidance Expansion) will prove particularly beneficial for information journeys pertaining to specific domains, such as shopping or local searches. These journeys often involve exploring multiple facets or dimensions. SGE enhances the experience by offering valuable context about local places, leveraging AI-powered insights that simplify the process of comparing and exploring different options. With SGE, users can seamlessly delve into various angles and dimensions, enabling a more comprehensive exploration of their desired verticals.


With SGE, the presence of Search ads will persist in designated ad slots across the page. In this enhanced experience, advertisers will retain the opportunity to connect with potential customers throughout their search journeys. These dedicated ad slots ensure that advertisers can effectively reach their target audience and engage with them during their exploration, maximizing the chances of capturing their attention and driving conversions. SGE ensures that the advertising ecosystem remains integrated into the search experience, benefiting both advertisers and users alike.


The introduction of these advanced generative AI capabilities empowers individuals to embark on their journeys in more imaginative and innovative ways, surpassing the mere acquisition of information and enabling its practical utilization. Although SGE excels in both informational and creative applications, users may initially encounter limitations on creative uses, as we have deliberately prioritized safety and quality. As time progresses, we are committed to expanding the range of creative capabilities as we enhance and ensure the highest standards of quality. Our ongoing efforts aim to strike a balance between enabling creative expression and maintaining a safe and reliable user experience.

User Experience

In order to make the power of AI accessible and user-friendly within the realm of Search, Google has developed SGE as an integrated experience, incorporating insights gleaned from user behaviour. This AI-powered snapshot is designed with user convenience in mind, providing easily accessible resources and employing a familiar user interface for links. This allows individuals to seamlessly delve deeper into their explorations across desktop and mobile platforms, effectively bringing the capabilities of generative AI directly into the Google Search experience. By integrating AI technologies, Google aims to enhance search interactions and deliver a more efficient and intuitive user search experience.