Google’s Revamped Quality Rater Guidelines: Balancing Page Quality with Needs Met

Google’s recent update to its Quality Rater Guidelines signals a shift in emphasis towards user needs, with big brands facing a reduced advantage in determining page quality. Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines serve as a roadmap for search engine evaluators, providing insights into the factors determining online content’s relevance and usefulness. Google has recently released an … Read more

Google Introducing Site Names On Mobile Search

Google Search is adding site names to mobile search results to make it simpler to identify the website linked with each result, and it’s also explaining how you may designate your preferred site name with structured data. Site names are presently accessible for mobile Google Search results in English, French, Japanese, and German, with more … Read more

Google Guide One Site Title That Google Uses In The Search Results

Google Search Central updated a section of the developer support page that’s dedicated to supporting developers with how to change the site title that Google uses in the search results. The new section offers advice for troubleshooting troublesome title tags so that you understand why Google is changing the link titles. Title Links Best Practices … Read more

Google Explain How it Fought with Spam in 2021

Google is continuously fighting spam content, links and hackers’ website spam for many years. It improved its technology from time to time to keep spam and malicious content away from Search. SpamBrain: our most effective solution against spam With an increasing volume of sophisticated spam being produced every day, SpamBrain’s ability to identify disruptive and … Read more