Google Released December 2022 Helpful Content Update

The December 2022 helpful content update has been released, which improves our classifier and works across all content globally in all languages. The rollout may take up to two weeks to complete. What is Google Helpful Content Google Search’s helpful content system generates a signal that our automated ranking systems use to improve the visibility … Read more

Google Introducing Site Names On Mobile Search

Google Search is adding site names to mobile search results to make it simpler to identify the website linked with each result, and it’s also explaining how you may designate your preferred site name with structured data. Site names are presently accessible for mobile Google Search results in English, French, Japanese, and German, with more … Read more

Great Tips For Your SEO Success

If you own a site and aren’t doing search engine optimization, you are just wasting your time. Search engine rankings are of the utmost importance to the success of your site. If you want people to know that your site exists on the internet, read for helpful tips for effective SEO. You should set realistic … Read more

Why Page Speed is Important for SEO in 2022

Site speed is a ranking factor within SEO. Having a website that is slow to load and lagging in response is incredibly frustrating from a usability point of view and detrimental to your website’s performance. What Is Site Speed And Page Speed? Essentially, this describes how long it takes for content to load for a … Read more

Search Engine Optimization – Complete Beginners Guide to SEO

Every successful action starts with Optimization, so what is it? (SEO) Optimization is the process of action made to the website for higher visibility while searching for a keyword or query. Search engine have two Functions namely Crawling ( crawl the information who search ) Indexing ( display the relevant website to the searcher) Two main things … Read more

Negative Seo-It Can Happen To The Best Of Us

What is Negative SEO? While Negative SEO has been around for a while, it’s beginning to get more prevalent. In short, this is a ‘black hat’ tactic to devalue the website of a competing company in search engine rankings by using large numbers of low quality and ‘spammy’ links (often through automated submission practices) to … Read more